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Remodeling? Experience! Dependability! Trustworthy! This describes the team at A&W Construction. Over 25 years of custom home building and remodeling qualify us to manage the smallest or the largest remodel job. There’s even a licensed Interior Designer on staff to help out with ideas when needed. We strive for the utmost in customer satisfaction.

In fact, our very first remodel jobs came as a result of referrals from our first two custom homes we built back in 1985. And our renovation business was born. Over the years, we've discovered almost all our custom home business stems from referrals, and over half our remodeling business results from customer referrals. (see testimonials). This reflects our quality reputation; yet, our prices are always fair and competitive.

We invite you to visit our Photo Gallery. See some of our work; then imagine all the possibilities for your own home renovation project. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and get a free estimate.

Five Reasons To Choose A & W Remodel

There are many reasons to choose a remodeling contractor. Here at A & W Remodel, we want to make your decision easy. Learn the 5 reasons on why you should choose A & W Remodel as your next remodeling or general contractor. Read The Five Reasons